4 Types Of Customer Loyalty: How Loyal Are Yours?

1. Habitual loyals

This type of customer loyalty falls under the ‘simplest option’ category.

They are driven by habit which means they don’t have a specific preference for a certain venue. Often there is no intention to look for an alternative as they are satisfied enough with what they get for now.

A common example is the coffee shop on the way to work. Customers are used to going there but they are no emotional connections to the venue as such.

However, as their loyalty is based on convenience they’re also at risk of switching should they come across a better option. Such as a new fancy coffee place opening up.

2. Transactional or offer-based loyals

What’s the ‘cheapest option’ with the best offer? That is what transactional loyal customers are looking for when choosing a venue.

They want to save money, more so now than ever.

Businesses can keep them hooked with regular offers and discounts, though their loyalty is, as is the case with habitual loyals, not related to a specific venue.

2. Transactional or offer-based loyals

3. Loyalty-program loyals
The third type of loyalty can be categorised as the ‘satisfying option’.

Customers are engaged and actively interacting with your business based on your loyalty program and previous good experiences.

Despite the fact that their main goal is to climb up the ranks and get rewarded (price sensitive), they are certainly attached to your brand.

They are willing to spend more and chances are high that they tell their family and friends to join your loyalty program.

4. Emotional loyals
No doubt, these are your most valuable loyal customers. For them, your venue is the only option.

They are deeply connected to your brand due to ongoing value creation from your side. They identify with you. Call them your brand fanatics.

With high attachment and affinity comes advocacy. Hence they also love to spread the word about your place and attract new customers for you, for free.

This is the category you want all your customers to be in.

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